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Deepest thing I’ve seen in a while.


Looool this is so inaccurate and cringeworthy. Spain and Belgium did more damage than France and the UK, and they’re not even included here. Belgium did horrific atrocities in the Congo. What about the Dutch in South Africa? Or Germany in East Africa? Ya’ll always forget all the other European colonizers and what they did to Africa. Google: the scramble for Africa

Literally how has Israel colonized Africa at all like MAYBE you could stretch that Israel took part of the Sinai desert but including Israel here feels like a “the Jews are doing it!!!!” move smh this is so inaccurate

This is an excellent example of Jewish Scapegoating; Israel was not founded until 1948.  The European conquest of Africa went from roughly 1870 to 1914, which is known as the Scramble For Africa, mentioned above. 

How a country that was not founded for a generation and a half after the conquest was complete can be “given a seat at the table” in the “carving up of Africa” image given above, while at the same time excusing the two biggest gluttons—Belgium and Spain—from any responsibility is an exercise left for the reader’s anti-semitic biases to fill in.  


33, 24

24:Backpacks or satchels?

Satchels. Backpacks hurt my back and I find messenger bags, satchels and tote bags to be much more aesthetically pleasing

33: Favorite kind of bean? Kidney? Black? Pinto?

Black beans!


this is truly the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen like despite the fact that they are literally marketing a dog bowl for humans (specifically, men) to eat out of, they have to put the word “man” on the side of the bowl in like the Rambo font so that your masculinity cannot be challenged while you are eating out of this dog bowl for men

Your family thinks eating a pig is forbidden to them by the master of the universe. They should be locked up and rehabilitated.


so i’m not the mod who this is directed at but i want to say that as a person who 1) has a family that doesn’t eat pork for religious reasons and 2) has literally been institutionalized in part for religious beliefs, this ask is shockingly islamaphobic and ableist and you are an asshole.