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You know it’s bad when Fox News gets the information correct.


What’s wrong with Madoka?

Here are some posts that go into the problems:






progressivefem replied to your post: tumblr staff really is garbage thoughi…

I reported a fucking revenge porn and child pornography blog-TWICE-and tumblr staff did absolutely nothing. They disgust me.

ughhhh i had one success story where they took down this HORRIFYING porn blog with porn of underage girls where the guy urged pro-ana bloggers to starve themselves and posted incredibly violent and misogynist comments – but for every blog like that that they take down, there are probably dozens they do nothing about

for me it’s almost exclusively been in queer spaces. i’m high femme and usually ppl just assume i’m a straight girl looking for the ~katy perry experience~, and when they find out that i’m queer it’s like i’m still infiltrating their space. unless gay guys are around and then they “welcome” me by groping and touching me without permission which a) is gross and b) sets off my sensory stuff. i kind of stopped going to public queer spaces b/c of it tbh, it’s really discouraging and upsetting.

Ugh that’s awful, I’m sorry you deal with that.

I hope nothing I said trivialized those experiences. I’m such a shut-in and I have a lot of anxiety around sex and intimacy and I don’t drink, so I’ve had every little experience around queer spaces irl. All my experiences with feminine/masculine presentation have been in heteronormative spaces with pressure to be more gender normative. I don’t typically present in an extremely feminine way, but yeah.