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Today is a big day in the To Queer Things Up dictionary and we are so excited to share all the work that has been put into the project with this amazing community! As most of you already may or may not know, To Queer Things Up is documentary web-series and a running dictionary of the word queer as defined by queer identified folk. Well we are now happy to share with all of you our Cycle 1 Teaser for To Queer Things Up!!! Share, comment, like… get it out there and help us queer things up!


*White cishet man voice* Prejudice… IS BAD! (later, this character became a billionaire off the publicity from saying that.)

I mean, I do appreciate him making the video because at least it’s educating other gamers. And honestly, I want allies speaking in hostile spaces like the gaming community. I just wish that it didn’t take cishet men saying it. And I also wish more cishet men would reference/quote queer people and women more when speaking on this topic. Like he has guests on his show and he could have easily invited queer people on his show to help out (then again, I guess it’s possible he could be queer and not out or something). 


ugh i just saw a gif set of mako telling korra he loves her with a “the end” gif under it on my dash

why are people so homophobic just why

like it’s one thing to ship mako and korra but it’s a whole other thing to essentially say that one of the few endings to a series, let a lone a KID’S series, where two women get together, should have had a hetero ending – that’s just shitting all over the representation we got – and just think about how many straight endings y’all get – you really can’t let us have anything? at the very least that post is incredibly insensitive considering how much that ending has meant to queer women, especially bi women, and how the creator specifically stated what it was supposed to mean for us

amerkindream replied to your post: Mean Girls: Feminist Review and Analysis

This just nails it. The only thing is Janis is not actually a lesbian, is outrageously embarrassed of the rumor Regina spread claiming she is one, and even became a social outcast because of the rumors. Really odd esp. since her bff Damien is gay

Honestly, it depends on how you interpret it. You could interpret it that way, for sure and that the rumor is incredibly embarrassing and horrible to Janis, who is actually straight. Or you could interpret her as being queer. The whole thing is depicted in a really strange way because she is heavily coded as queer, esp concerning her relationship with Damian. But she never outright denies being a lesbian. It’s hard to say if she’s just a straight girl caught up in a rumor or if she is a lesbian caught up in a shitty trope. Considering how common it is for tv shows and movies to have lesbians wind up with dudes at the end and that the movie never says either way, it all kind of depends on interpretation. 

There’s of course the possibility she could be bisexual, but I highly doubt it just considering how shitty tv shows and movies are about representing bi people and the insistence of the film continuing to label her as lesbian. I guess I could add a note to the review that it’s open-ended

Do you have any recommendations for YA books with queer girls dating girls that don’t have a really obvious cover or title? I’m not out but I read a book recently called starring kitty and I don’t think anything can compare but the sequels not out till later this year :(


I looked up Starring Kitty and tried to think of somewhat similar books with covers/titles that won’t out you – here’s what I came up with:

Followers, feel free to reblog and make more suggestions. Good luck!

Smart bookish Jews exist. Masculine queer women exist. Promiscuous bi people exist. It’s not so much that giving any character with any of those identities those traits is stereotypical if the character is fully developed and multifaceted. It’s more that if the character is defined by those traits or if the logic of stereotype defines the character (i.e. the character is promiscuous BECAUSE she is bisexual), then it becomes a stereotype. For me the biggest question is: does the character have humanity? If the character doesn’t have humanity/depth and features stereotypical traits (or the traits are the sum of who they are) they become a caricature or uphold stereotype.