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yeah i go 2 umd & all of a sudden they ~*care*~ about survivors n rape culture but ONLY bc they’re finally facing consequences for fucking us over. not to mention going thru the mandatory training as a survivor is SUPER TRIGGERING & everyone is treating it as a joke.

that’s terrible im sorry you’re dealing with that


These Are The Colleges And Universities Now Under Federal Investigation For Botching Rape Cases

Columbia University is being investigated for potential violations of Title IX, the federal law that requires schools to adequately respond to cases of sexual assault on campus, officials from the U.S. Department of Education confirmed this week.

Last May, when the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) first publicly released the names of the colleges and universities under Title IX review, there were 55 schools on the list. But that number has been rising ever since. This week, the addition of Columbia brings the count up to 95 schools in total.

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A 2002 Chicago-based study found that 30% of exotic dancers and 24% of street-based sex workers who had been raped identified a police officer as the rapist. Approximately 20% of other acts of sexual violence were also committed by the police. According to two studies released by the Sex Workers’ Project of the Urban Justice Center in NYC, for which participants were predominantly women of color, up to 17% of sex workers interviewed reported rape, sexual harassment and abuse by law enforcement officers.