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Basically :/ I got so disappointed in Kanye after seeing the interview


I’ve Been Trying To Stay Away From Controversial Issues On Tumblr






But it has come to my attention that the dub casting of Free! has upset several people for the sole reason that Vic Mignogna was cast as Rin Matsuoka.

This post will not reflect my views on the central subject. It will be a statement of the facts and a review of Mignogna’s own words and experiences. I will keep it as short as possible.

A petition has arisen asking Funimation to remove Vic from the cast because he is homophobic, refuses to sign yaoi, and is rude to those who ask him to do so.

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a) Being a sports anime doesn’t mean they’re all straight. That’s like saying there can’t be any gay characters on How to Get Away with Murder because its a show about law, not gay people

Also, if someone could find me the article where Rin was referred to as “the kind of guy other guys fall in love with”, and hinted at Sousuke having feelings regarding Rin that were his primary motivation to help me drag this fool that’d be greeeeat. 

b) He has ripped up BL art that fans asked him to sign IN THEIR FACES and claimed a character he played (later confirmed gay by CLAMP) was straight, because he “spoke to CLAMP” about it. Upon getting called out because it hadn’t even been iscenced yet when he said he spoke to them, he went “WELL I DIDNT ASK COLLEEN CLIKENBEARD DID”

c) he has openly, repeatedly said he “doesn’t agree with the lifestyle” and said it’s “against his religion”, making young queer fans cry. Loooots of queer people are fans of free and see themselves in the characters. Obviously, this is an issue. 

d) Did you even read the petition? Half of the issue is about the dirty little industry secret that everyone knows: that Vic is very, very inappropriate with young girls and has asked multiple to his hotel room. FORMER RANGERS HAVE COME FORWARD SAYING HE ASKED THEM TO DO THIS. The issue with casting him in something aimed at young girls is that he will be given MORE ACCESS to young girls.

Vic having access to all these young girls and being given a platform on which to speak to young queer people is really, really dangerous don’t try to downplay this as just a bunch of brats disagreeing with a voice acting choice.

a.) I was referring to the claims that Free! is a “gay anime” and “without a doubt is full of boys love.” I was not saying that because it is a sports anime there cannot be gay characters. In fact, I said if you believe any of the characters are gay, you have that right. But you cannot say these characters are certainly, undeniably gay when the creators have not confirmed so.

I would welcome such sources. Actually, I asked for them. Please procure them.

b.) Source your claims. 

c.) People have asked him these questions, knowing he was a Christian, and he has replied in accordance with Christianity. His answers are just about as shocking as the founder of Chick-Fil-A’s to the exact same question.

d.) I did read the petition, because I was going to write on that controversy, but there is nothing about that in the petition.
Again, source your claims. I have seen a lot of con footage, and I’d like to see some of him hitting on young girls to contradict the plethora of courteous, respectful instances of his fan interactions.
Anyone can make a claim, and anyone can deny a claim, but you’d think someone would have pressed charges by now if there are so many cases.

Vic asking underage girls to mix him drinks and handing out inappropriate merch to them <—-the cops were called for this.

A blog dedicated to anonymous submissions of fan accounts by people who were made uncomfortable by Vic and are afraid of his “people” taking action against them

Video of vic claiming he spoke to CLAMP about Fai and Kurogane not being gay then making excuses for himself when called out by audience members about his story not making any sense, watch from start point of the link until the end for relevant stuff. He also goes ahead and assigns some heteronormative cissexist gender roles to Fai here~ He also chalked up soulmates and love to “IF YOU’RE NOT SCREWING THEN THERE’S NOTHING IT’S 100% PLATONIC” which I think we all know isn’t true, and he’d never expect to see explicit sexual penetration of a het couple to know there are feelings.

(Also, it may interest you to know the person he tried to play scapegoat with starred in Kiddy Grade—one of the first major queer mainstream series’—and my girlfriend met her and thanked her so much for being apart of it because of how important the representation was to her and colleen was literally NOTHING BUT SUPPORTIVE so why would she be bothered by whether or not they’re gay???) 

Vic talking about how ‘ewww~’ people shipping his characters with men makes him feel 

This post details more about why people are upset with the Vic casting, including the stuff about him creeping on young girls 

Hey in fact why dont you just look him up on youtube there are countless videos of him whispering inappropriate shit in little girls’ ears and touching up way too close on them!! ;D

People don’t press charges because his people sue and accuse of defamation at the drop of a hat. Plus his ravenous little rangers that would tear those girls apart and ruin their lives???? Of course they don’t come forward. Police have been called on him before and nothing ever happens.

So you might wanna not open your mouth about things if you’re going to just ignore all the evidence thanks.

Also being Christian doesn’t make you an intolerant prick. Being an intolerant prick makes you an intolerant prick you piece of human garbage.





d*vid b*wie is a rapist and i know y’all love him on a normal day but you’re probably gonna be cumming in your pants over him today bc Bisexuality or whatever but keep him off my dash

this is one of the most complete sources i can find for this and it seems pretty much entirely confirmed that not only is he a rapist but a paedophile (as is jimmy page)

another source

omg i had no idea…. i really had no clue

the cause in the second link was a false report – the woman claimed bowie gave her aids which is patently ridiculous – he never had AIDS

but yes he did sleep with an underage girl – she sees it as consensual and not rape, but it’s still wrong that he had sex with someone underage like that



What are men supposed to do? Shut off the part of them that makes them human? She knows what she’s doing wearing what she’s wearing by posing like that. She knows the cause and effect with those sultry looks she’s showing. She’s sexually objectifying herself and she’s doing it on purpose so we’ll look. She’s fishing. However men are shammed when they take this bait. We’re pigs for checking her out. It could be an 18 year old or a 21 year old, 25 year old, 35 year old, etc dressed while posing like this.That’s sexism against men because you want us to repress our sexuality while teasing us in the process. 

You know, when I tell my dog to stay and I present her with a rather attractive bowl of food, she stays put. She knows that she’s not allowed to have it, so she stays away, meanwhile, the food continues to sit there looking attractive. So uh, if you’re telling everyone that men actually have less restraint than dogs, maybe you should think hard about who’s being prejudiced here. lol

Seriously? It’s so weird how men project all these intentions onto girls (and sometimes women) because of how they react to them that it’s “bait” and “sultry glances” and she knows “cause and effect.” Just because she’s wearing a certain outfit and posing for a camera. She is a minor. A sixteen year old girl. I really doubt you’d think your teenage daughter would have these kind of intentions toward men—or that even if she did that those intentions would be fully-informed or an open invitation to grown men. Nor would you be so forgiving of the men who reacted to her the way you are toward this girl.

Not to mention that for all you know even a grown woman dressing like this could be a lesbian, asexual, celibate, in a committed relationship, or simply dressing this way for herself and have no interest in other men gawking at her. How the fuck do you know she’s trying to attract you or bait you? YOU are responsible for your reaction to things, no one else is.

And no she is not objectifying herself. What the fuck does that even mean? Please explain to me how someone objectifies themselves? The whole point of objectification is that a SUBJECT removes the subjectivity of another person. YOU are objectifying HER.